The driver may have overwritten dx9 files, so reinstalling those would be a good place to start. Allows for high quality lighting and shadow features, such as normal mapping, glow mapping and specular highlights. I had problems in Moria when going into the auction hall and other nearby areas. Game Error [], “Could not initialize Direct3D. Enables shadows cast from certain indoor props and architecture. You can disable this to increase performance.

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Video And Performance Tweak Guide

For large wide screens, matching the Desktop Resolution is also recommended Options: Enables trees and other objects to be rendered over distant landscape. That would be my first guess after my travails after reinstalling the game recently. Or mostly at Minas Thirit or Osgiliath.

Windows 7 Nvidia supplies Optimus. Next would of course be the video card. Normally on Ubuntu you do. Controls the intensity of the dream-like glow effect that brightens the scene and blurs pixels together. Adjusts the overall resolution of textures. Using a higher setting may reduce load times and improve performance on computers with plenty of memory. Showing 1 – 2 of 2 comments.


Can LOTRO be run on a Nvidia Quadro P card?

Enables shadows cast from certain indoor props and architecture. But in some areas I keep crashing.

For SLI configuration owners: Running software using the ION processor will require extra software. And you probably mean Code Weavers not Code masters.

Enables anti-aliasing and configures the anti-aliasing quality level. To have it use the Nvidia processor, you install Bumblebee sudo add-apt-repository ppa: Start a New Discussion.

Video And Performance Tweak Guide | Lord of the Rings Online Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Allows you to select from a list of supported full screen resolutions. Today’s technology can get quite confusing quite quickly. Thanks for the comment.

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Results 1 to 6 of 6. Originally Posted by Yarbro. Adjusts the visual quality of water reflections and mirrors.

And since wine is bit, and bit Oneiric uses multiarch, you install the bit version of some libraries like this. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. For example it happens sometimes in Bree when there are many people there. My next suggestion would be to temporarily move your Lord Of The Rings folder from loyro to the desktop, and then launch.


Nvidi set to high, enables specular highlights on the certain types of terrain. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Founding member of Mornost Gwend of Gladden. Is there any difference in the wine output when you run the game with the wrapper instead of wine?