In case of a disc enhanced movie of 3 titles.. At 12X the average writing speed is 9. All tested drives rceived a perfect quality score of HLDS tries to be the first in supplying the consumer with the products that they desire This is a reason why you see 1. No one explicity stated the need for an 80 conductor cable, although that might have been their intent.

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Windows 7 installed for almost two years. The beginning of the second layer is located in the outer part of the disc, so the drive starts reading from the outer tracks toward the inner part of the disc. The drive started 1. Max Payne SD v2. Stable and high speed disc rotation mechanism: Update Nero to latest version 7.

LG GSAB – Printer Friendly version

TRUE Allow pathdepth more than 8 directories: The GSAB was developed in collaboration with related companies, by gathering all of the companies latest technologies for overall development from key components to the product itself. Most problems occur when trying to write the ripped wav files, since the produced CD-R disc contains C2 and CU errors! I have put in a dell windows 7 pro 64bit and 32 bit disc into the DVD.


The “old” type can burn up to 8X with the LG drive, while the “new” type up to 12X! Compact and high power optical pick up for 12x write: Bsa one chip LSI contributes to the reduction of current consumption, high reliability and compact design.

LG GSA-2164D Free Driver Download

Those scans should be taken not as the absolute criteria of the burning quality but as an indication level. LG has the biggest market share in many countries and usually, its burners are well tuned and with unique features. The writing performance varies according to the inserted media. Maxell’s latest DVD-RAM product is ideally suited for multimedia storage, software title production, large file storage, data transfer and library systems, as well as high-capacity archival storage.

ISO” image and we selected the LG burner to start burning.

Need help LG GSA-H42N Burnning end error

Pick Up Pin Assignment 2. In case of a disc enhanced movie of 3 titles.

R, C Page 80 No. Dvd Driver Windows 10 Device is of version.

Digital-Output Tracking zero cross signal digital output port. A rather interesting hsa for all who wish to buy the fastest currently available DVD burner Place the disc on the Insert a paper clip here to eject the Disc tray ejected disc tray, then lightly push the tray or manually or when there is no power.


It uses the well known RPC II region control, allowing a user to change the drive’s region at most 5 times. The data structure of the disc is exactly the same as that of the TDR, with the difference that there are no scratches on it but pg areas of dimensions ranging from 0. HW Self- Diagnostic function 1. When we tried burning a second disc, we didn’t have any problems.

The LG drive is faster than the Optorite as the test results showed. But most drives will pass the third level without any lf. Physical Format Information 00h Layer: The 80 conductor cable is electrically quieter in ALL transfer modes. It can write as much as the need of an additional interface card.

We can see that the line is continuous, a little dense but the defects did not produce any anomalies. The software we used for all measurements is KProbe v2.