The Fulla 2 comes in a very basic cardboard box, with very few frills. New hardware releases and news. Based on discussions in this and other forums, I was optimistic that the Fulla 2 could be the perfect volume-controllable DAC for my new PC setup. For the most part, the design is virtually flawless, and what got us is just how easy it was: Fulla handles files up to 96 kHz and 24 bits. And yet I listen to mine and so much is missing. But for consistent results, be sure to mate it with headphones that err on the thick, soft, rich side of things, as opposed to the bright, detailed, schematic side.

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Pictures of your sweet rig. I suppose I might have, too.

schoit But the beauty of the Fulla 2, and the real reason you should buy it, is its flexibility and versatility. The silver metallic design and the curved, boxy housing will be instantly familiar to anybody who is a fan of Schiit products.

Remember the very first iPod from seventeen years ago? Except schilt, while a good system will hit you like a bowling ball, the Fulla 2 hits you like a ball of raw pizza dough.


The Fulla 2 comes in a very basic cardboard box, with very few frills. It actually reminded us of the Topping NX2albeit a little more detailed and powerful. Details you’ve never heard before emerge, and even the old sounds are somehow more rich.

Something I know for a fact is that the Fulla 2 does up to 96kbps, although most keep it at I strongly disagree that Beats headphones sound good but here we are with them having a chunk of the market share. The company makes several amps, DACs and combinations thereof, and this is their cheapest one. The Duet includes preamps for mics, so I wasn’t sure how much of that cost was allocated towards the DAC.

Haha, the Mojo is wonky when it comes to output impedance.


Here We Go Again. I’m ordering a Fulla 2 next week and I’m hoping for a better experience. Will update the post if they tell me anything new. Does the rule get smaller all the time? We need to say again: Schiit is a company known for producing world-defining amps and DACs like the Bifrostechiit expecting the Fulla 2 to match those would leave you disappointed.

Review: Schiit Fulla 2 | The Master Switch

The Countdown Will Be Televised. And it helps that the Fulla 2 is incredibly light: An amp should be the center of your hi-fi world. This thoroughly impressed us.


Since this has not been my experience at all, I thought it might be helpful for future audiophiles to schiitt a different opinion. It all sounded flat. Guitars and piano are overwhelming think Guitar Center on a Saturday when the teenagers are all hanging out. Moderators may remove posts at their discretion.

Music Fuulla Big Pink. It didn’t sound flat or distorted at all to me, if you wanted to hear a bad dac you should try my laptop XD you should try and contact schiit. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Reviews of your headphone-related products.

Everything we schii is geared towards creating bigger, better sound. It should be the focus point for all your efforts, the piece of equipment that can make or break your sound. The relatively-elevated mids drive vocals way into the background.