Brocade , Emulex , Fibre channel , Performance Lab professional alerts , Storage professional alerts. Servers’ access to their storage will invariably be mission critical for the enterprise, so we’re not going to want to have any single points of failure. This report includes actual steps taken to install and use the HBAs and the respective management software. I work in education and we are currently having issues with our SAN cluster. As well as configuring zoning on the switches, I also need to configure LUN masking on the storage system.

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Enhancing Cloud Services with Hybrid Storage.

Each of those ports will have its own unique WWPN which is in the TPG, and the hosts will learn that they can connect to their storage through any of them. A single click can switch between Host Uba and Fabric View as shown below. Brocade ESCM version 1. At first initialization, the Emulex HBAnyware software automatically and immediately discovered all the Emulex HBAs in the local server and those visible in the Fibre Channel SAN from that host, without any manual intervention or mouse clicks.

Verifying the Emulex HBA driver settings on FC systems

In addition to the batch mode firmware updates, Emulex also provides a batch mode distribution of HBA parameter settings by distributing a parameter file for the HBAs to any or all of the servers with those HBAs, which can be seen in the screen shot on the lower right side of page 8.

Direct paths to the storage system node which owns the LUN are marked as optimized paths. On most storage systems, all emulexx will be added to a single TPG by default through which all initiators can access their storage. ESCM has a function to add remote hosts to its internal discovery list.

Verifying the Emulex HBA driver settings on FC systems

We’ve got the same example we were looking emulxe earlier, where I’ve got a storage system which is made up of two nodes, Controller 1 and Controller 2. I then tie it all together in my Fabric B zone set. Emulex has a enulex HBA customer support center with a great deal of expertise and history.


We did not find any major complete server-to-storage multipathing solution that has certified the Brocade HBAs as of this date. HBAnyware provides a handy description of the feature and the range of allowable values, which is a benefit to administrators emulexx might need a reminder for the many parameters that can be adjusted.

TPGs can be used to control which ports initiators can access the storage target on.

Fibre Channel SAN Part 3 – Redundancy and Multipathing

The two fabrics are kept strictly physically separate from each other which is signified that the big red line up the middle of the diagram. I configure that on one of the two Fabric B switches, and it will propagate it to the other Fabric B switch.

Customers can obtain HBAs through a variety of sales channels and HBAs are often bundled with SAN storage and servers from either the server hb or the storage vendor. This process of manually adding the remote hosts must performed on each host on which Gba has been installed. ALUA is used by the storage system to tell the client which are the preferred paths for it to use.

Server 1 can get to its LUN through either Controller 1 or Controller 2, but it would be better for it to go to Controller 1 because that is a direct path. I also need a zone for Server 2, so I do a similar configuration there. A series of IOMeter tests were run spanning a wide range of block sizes for reads and writes. The Emulex HBAs are certified to work with all the major multipathing solutions in the market today from server, storage and file system vendors.

They were connected into an existing Fibre Channel storage infrastructure at the Demartek facilities. Brocade ESCM can be installed on a host that does not have Brocade HBAs installed, and it can manage remote hosts by adding the remote hosts as described previously. In this video I cover the redundancy options available for Fibre Channel, and how clients can choose the paths to their storage through multipathing.


Configure Emulex HBA to Boot from SAN

When clicking on an HBA on the left side of the menu structure, each product shows several tabs with various functions for daily or periodic management of HBA functions and parameters.

Wikibon is a professional community solving technology and business problems through an open source sharing of free multupath knowledge. I work in education and we are currently having issues with our SAN cluster. In our opinion, administrators in a large environment with many multiipath and HBAs will find that the Emulex approach is simpler and easier. The Emulex management software appears to be geared for efficient deployment and use in large environments, more so than the Brocade software.

BrocadeEmulexFibre channelPerformance Lab professional alertsStorage professional alerts. In the installation test cases performed in our labs, the installation of the Emulex and Brocade HBA drivers and HBA management software was accomplished in under two minutes and no reboots were required, however the Brocade HBA management software installation required more interaction with the administrator.

If you needed to, you could configure separate TPGs to dedicate a set of ports on your storage system to only your mission critical servers.

A screen shot of these parameters can be seen on the lower left side of page 8. Emulex HBAnyware version 3.