I added a Trigger Finger to mine so that I had the extra pads,faders,knobs to play around with. Gents, I’m interested in getting a couple of these aswell. Request a new review. Add the fast action and scale of the pitch control and the choices have no end. All times are GMT Originally Posted by derjay.

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I think the Echo Audiofire I used before had a littlebit more dynamic range and had an ickle bit more detail, actually I believe my home PA sounds better now more pleasant. The XP10 is supported natively by an increasing number of major vendors. Eos price is a bit lev but the benefits do I do with are just as important. The appearance of the plate es unfortunately not uncommon, the buttons are hard plastic and have a race trs weak, Drout to beginners The jog wheel feels very good and sits quite stable.

I was looking for a solution to mix mp3’s without having to make any changes to the config clubs receiving me. Once you rack like a pro DJ numrique so the design is class!

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So I really was contemplating about selling my Total Control, which never really satisfied me for haptic and stability reasons, sell my Echo 2 Firewire soundcard and use the money to buy two of these and then rob a bank to get a decent 3 channel mixer. I use it for 2 months.


For it is against ds traktor branch, makes a really good. Thanks I’m not too worried about build quality tbh. Maybe ekd a driver issue. Super plateux the touch!! Hey thanks very much!

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I plugged into traktor and I leave the two outputs and return into a Eclerc Nuo2. I mix mostly of music lctronique Did you find this review helpful? Dell Inspironmobile intel proc p4 3. Here is the link for technical characteristics of the controllers www. I own a set of XP10’s and I haven’t had ekx issues with them as yet. The resistance on the jog is fantastic and it’s very smooth, touch sensitive area means you can actually use them for scratching.

Indeed, when reoit the brothel, one is a little: Everyone t bluff by Ractive. I believe the pitchfaders need a bit of time to wear in, maybe their scratching against the casing. It’s the high end for mp3 like cdj mk2 is the high-end turntables cd.


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You just install xl10 drivers twelve o’clock to use it in traktor. I’m thinking 2 XP5’s, a 4 or 5 channel mixer for expandability possibly a Behringer DDM but not sure yet and maybe an extra midi controller should I need it at a later date.

Another weird thing was that although I had installed the original EKS TSI the controls would after each start up do something different.

I’ve read it doesn’t work? Prikazana cena je za par. Last edited by Stace; at When Time Stretching is enabled, moving the pitch slider changes the tempo eka affecting the pitch of the sound. The touch sensitive aluminium top of the wheel functions just like a vinyl turntable.

Trs a good investment for me For example, they can be used for old-style pitch ekd or jumping to predefined cue points. The disk controller scratch using mtal trs is good, sensible and enjoyable.