The V had 2 advantages over the V3 i bit colour ii more frequent driver updates from nVidia. If not, I’d keep the V3. A lot of old games don’t support 32 bit colour and the newer games run too slowly on the TNT2 at that setting. Voodoo3 handles everything, up to a certain point. Overclocking can be a tricky thing to do sometimes. Diamond’s primary goal here is to make sure that they aren’t any worse off without the backing of 3dfx’s high powered chips.

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The answer lies in this review as I set forth to test out this fine card made by Diamond Multimedia System. It is not of NVidia’s reference design TNT2 and by that, brings about a few new pathways that can be beneficial to us, consumers, in the end. This obviously puts a lot of pressure on NVidia to succeed, and ultimately inspired NVidia to drop the originally speculated clock speed of the TNT2 Ultra down to MHz for the core frequency and MHz for the memory frequency.

Diamond Viper V TNT 2 Ultra Vs Voodoo 3 – Ars Technica OpenForum

However, a Voodoo3 device and a Glide enabled game, is a beautiful experience. However, since TV-out and digital panel ports are not really sought after items in the local context, it makes no difference to making a decision on whether to throw in a couple of hundred dollars to get this baby. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The inclusion of InControls 99 means that one can easily overclock a Viiper card without fiddling with messy jumpers or dip switches or whatever.


From Diamond’s perspective, the V was thrust into the position of the company’s graphics flagship. The fact that there were no other TNT2s out there coupled with the immaturity of the Voodoo3 drivers made Diamond V on everybody’s wish list.

Diamond V drivers included in CD. This is an insteresting absence of options since a card of this quality, make and price normally comes with more than standard connectors. Nov 29, Posts: These are the contents of the package: In fact, this is one of the easist installation steps that eiamond have done compared to other numerous graphic cards. It’s worth every cent that you pay.

The cards should really run pretty much neck and neck, it’s mostly personal preference. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star.

File:Diamond Viper V770 Ultra Rev C label.jpg

But although they’re released more often, 3dfx is still the king of compatibility here – the UT engine is still quite popular, and a voodoo card does the business here. Game-2 Not much noticable difference in Picture production compared to the reference picture.

Well, there are pros and cons Not to mention that you can’t possibly run 32 bit color which, in my opinion, is necessary to play most games. The world first learned of the Diamond Viper V through the shocking previews performed by two of the internet’s most well respected hardware review diamojd, Sharky Extreme and Tom’s Hardware. Benchmarking was of course done on Windows Feb 26, Posts: Apr 28, Posts: For 16 bit rendering nothing touches g770 22 bit postfilter.


Back to top The Benchmarks Benchmarking was of course done on Windows DB analog monitor connector Drivers Windows. You will never miss a Diamond Product.

Jul 24, Posts: This is because the test system is a Socket 7 mobo AMD K and therefore, vipwr not much i can squeeze out of the board then what it is giving now. LJ Ars Praefectus Registered: The V had 2 advantages over the V3 i bit colour diqmond more frequent driver updates from nVidia. Nov 23, Posts: At the time, there were no other TNT2 cards to compare the V to, and the Voodoo3 drivers weren’t as mature as they are now.

To prevent this from happening, Diamond took extra steps to make sure that the software works only with Vultra card. Fri Dec 08,