After setting a restore point, see if you can get your computer into that funky state again. Dibbet to AxelFoley8 Anon Feb-5 6: Are you using the Atheros client utility? I just upgraded my Atheros mini-pci card and it worked perfectly. I’m using these new drivers with the DWL-G

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EXE displays both singnal level and noise under the advanced tab. Athefos what do the. Ok I had v3. I recently upgraded and now atheroos “Auto Select” doesn’t appear to be working; instead of finding and associating, it simply says “Current Profile: After setting a restore point, see if you can get your computer into that funky state again.

I don’t have my laptop with me at the moment, so I can’t tell you exactly where it is, but it’s on that middle tab around the auto-select profiles stuff. My signal is good — dB. Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service So I went atyeros to using the Atheros drivers off their website. These drivers seem to work about the same as the. And have no effect on the acu file.

Thanks for the info on yours.

Download Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

Any feedback on the. It fixed the problem. I noticed this behavior when I wanted to try to connect to new networks by just trying to activate them from the main list directly.


I am using version 3. I guess I’m one of those who always installs the newest drivers, but I must admit that I seldom have a clue what improvements are included in the new drivers. I’ve heard rumors that the next version of Netstumbler is going to, but no net5121 date yet that I’m aware of. Has anyone else had this problem?

[ubuntu] Help With Atheros WLAN card

Make sure everything is configured correctly before doing the driver switch. I’d uninstalled and reinstalled, to no effect; I just did a system restore and it’s working again with version 3. It can be run without being installed. I have seen this myself and this is why I tell people that if they change the encryption method, athrros also change the SSID at the same time. You don’t need single sign on unless you are in an enterprise wifi environment.

I’m using these new drivers with the DWL-G I am using the 3.

Atheros/netinf () Free Download () | Free Windows Driver Downloads and Updates

By “hanging”, I mean: Anyway, I’ve installed the driver i. Yup, upgraded that to the latest version above, and I know about the “Order Profiles” list, too, nwt5211 it was set up correctly, just not working. If it’s running with WEP or non-encrypted connections, then it is in error and will cause the problem you saw it locks out the AP because the AP is not doing the authentication secret handshake and won’t let the computer associate with it.


But it yield no results!

Download selected Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver v4.2.2.7 for AR5001X+ and Windows XP

I built a cable to relocate the antenna worth about 25dB and built a parabolic reflector. The problem seems to affect only my laptop as the rest of the WLAN user were getting full signal and steady connection.

I’m using the drivers. I get about dB extra with the reflector.

The device will cause my laptop to “hang” each time I use the device. If you’re just happy to have a working network and don’t really want to keep screwing with it, that’s perfectly understandable.